The Staircase


So there’s a staircase that I’ve buried down deep in my mind
It’s the place that I made to cage
All the fear and anger inside.
In blood, etched on every step,
written line after line
Is the story of a man
Who struggles just to get by
He studies words on spiral stairs
Tryin’a derive
All the good from the evil, the shadows from light, the truth within the lies.

He feels most safe within his head
Surrounded by his walls
On autopilot consciously,  just waiting for the fall.
Despite the pain this man has felt
He holds his head up high
And walks with purpose down the stairs
Fire blazing in his eyes.
Step after step the stairs lead down
To a place where light is none
Seemingly peaceful, but simply decietful
Are these sirens disguised as the son.


The Dream

I stand alone in darkness now

Listening, listening but there is no sound

I search for light in this abyss

I think that I’ve received death’s kiss

These iron gates have barred me out

I try, and try but cannot shout

I lie alone here wondering why

I try, and try but cannot cry

These cruel imaginings come flashing

I cannot shout, I cannot cry

Then all at once a ray of light

And I know now that I must fight

The darkness here, it can be broken

Like promises that have been spoken

The ray of light is growing faint

This world of darkness forever taints

Then out of the silence a piercing scream

This world of darkness was but a dream

Does this darkness have a name?

This cruelty….

This hatred…

How did it find us?