Weston Webb

Bio: I began working in the funeral industry when I was fifteen years old (seven years give or take) and I have been involved in more funerals than I can count. I'm not interested in normal but found myself continuously surrounded by sheeple. I began this blog to show people of a like mind that there are others throughout the world that still hold the values and morals of a better time. I just want to show people the light in a world that grows ever darker. Life is meant to have crossroads with no determinable direction or destination. So why not strive to be unpredictable? I dare you to be extraordinary. It costs nothing to be a kind person and truly listen, but it's more than most are willing to pay... I hope my words help. I'm sorry for the pain you experience as a result of the kindness in your soul. Thank you for your time and I hope my words find you in time, best wishes... -Weston

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