Promised Land

Yes there are
Angels and demons at my back
I was stressing for a way to let my mind relax
Waging war everyday to keep my soul intact
With the weight of the world and a wicked past.
I was searching for a way to help heal the masses
So I started slinging blog posts about my passions.
It opened my eyes to a world of magic,
An underground community so filled with static
That it rekindled my motivation, I’m ecstatic
To see the road ahead as we walk that way
Pulling ourselves from this virtual pain.

I set out to be what most would call
a light in the dark where the world’s involved
Cause its not just the lost who need this bond
But the sheeple who have played this game far too long.
The indigo children such as I
do solemnly swear with all our might
To guide you through this horrid time
Obliterating burden from your blackened mind
liberateing love you locked inside
It’s not so hard to feel the pride
As you people place your hand in mine
Watch us rise, our wings expand.
Almost made it… The promised land.


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