The Toxicity of Man

Pride will be the end of us all. There is just something about the human that prohibits them from admitting when they are wrong, even when the people they “love” suffer. What people fail to realize though is that suffering is optional. There is nothing that will guarantee that these individuals will remain in your life. When you lose all the people in the world who used to carry you, what then? I guess being alone and still trying to convincing yourself that your actions are just is preferable to admitting fault, swallowing pride, and showing the people you “love” that they mean more to you than your own ego. Moral of the story is: When morality is in question, most people are simply too scared to take responsibility for the things they’ve done. Do not subject yourself to the toxicity of man voluntarily, surround yourself with the people who reciprocate the respect, love, and compassion that you exhibit, and cut ties with the people who are poisoning your happiness. It is not a bad thing to allow yourself to be happy, even now.


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