Have you ever written a letter? Was it to a stranger or someone close to you? Was it someone you loved, or just a passing acquaintance? Did they understand the meaning behind the words on the page, or did the writing remain unappreciated due to the lack of caring? Did they read it or did they disregard it completely? Did they really care at all? Did the words burst from your mind as if they had been dying to see the light of day, or were your thoughts jumbled and difficult to voice? How many times did you have to write the letter before it looked right to you? Did you care? What if I told you that your writing matters?.. What then?

Writing has always been my most personal form of communication, and I used to write often. The world was simpler then. Then one day I woke up and realized that somewhere along the way people in general were beginning to care less and less about what was written on the page, and more and more about the “romance factor” involved with letters… So now we all blog.

We blog because we are more afraid of one persons response to a letter more than the worlds. We blog because sitting down with a pen and paper would damn near be looked at as prehistoric in today’s society (go green and whatnot.) We blog so that there is still a hope of reaching that one person who needed to hear what we had to say. We blog so that we don’t feel like nobody is listening.

It seems to me that the letters that I used to write have all but fallen on deaf ears, and that truly is a devastating thought. All of the meticulous thought and effort wasted just because we (as men and women alike) have forgotten that there is an actual person on the other end of the pen or keyboard. We have become so desensitized to the feelings of both the people surrounding us as well as ourselves that we have forgotten to care about anything at all…

To those people in the world who have written beautiful pieces filled with their most profound emotions and watched helplessly as they were read and discarded, or seemingly ignored all together (as it seems to be in most cases.) To those people in the world who have a multitude of grace and intelligence to offer the world but refuse to do so because the world has not been kind to them.  To all those people in the world who have something to say… There are still those of us who believe in the beauty and magic of writing, and take the writing on the page to heart.  The world might not want to know what you have to say, but I can promise you that if you can find the people who do; It’s all worth it in the end. I care, and I always have. You just have to believe that it is still possible to find peace, and you will.


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