A Light In The Dark (Part I)

     I have felt for a very long time that the morality of mankind has all but fled from the world. That respect for our fellow man has dwindled to little more than a spark. Words like “family” and “love” are being tossed around carelessly and both are discarded spitefully whenever it suits one party or the other. We have forgotten the meaning of the words. Sure, we can give a definition of the words but can we actually remember how they feel? It’s so sad to me that we can take two of the most powerful words in the world and diminish them to an idea that is so fragile that it can be severed by clicking a button on a social media site. That seems like a disgrace to the words to me. We are so casual with meaningful phrases and titles that we have diminished them to acronyms. Forgive me but that seems to deplete these beautifully intricate concepts to little more than a casual slang. It is so inexplicably sad. Family and love are two words that hold immeasurable significance in my life. I wish there were words in the world that personified what those words used to mean. It is heartbreaking to watch mankind and all of its potential for greatness dwindle to darkness due to an inability to swallow one’s own pride and admit fault. The general cowardice the people have developed is astounding. Chivalry has died and along with it followed respect. They were replaced self-absorption and pride.

     Pride will be the destruction of us all. The refusal to acknowledge facts due to ones image or personal beliefs. The ridiculous sense of entitlement that people feel and project to the world. That road seems as if it would be a very lonely existence. I have found that people, when approached with kindness, respect, and a collected manner seem to respond in kind. whereas if I were to approach in an aggressively dominant and entitled arrogance I would undoubtedly be met with an appropriate response. Basically if you truly care about someone at all you will treat them the way they deserve to be treated without question because it is the right thing to do, not because you feel obligated to do so. Think about where the human race would be were we to settle our differences with reason and logic, kindness and compassion rather than bloodshed, the unspoken promise of tyranny, and the feeling of insecurity while inside ones own home. We are morally crippled and the most devastating aspect of all this is that it is our pride, not our character that prevents us from peace.

     These are not foreign concepts to us, but we have turned a blind eye to them because they show us that we are not the saints we believe ourselves to be. They show us that we have become hollow shells of the people we once were. Back to a time when the world was new and interesting, and feelings were uncorrupted by man. Back before the corporate and financial worlds showed you that you were destined to work your life away with the belief that nothing was going to get in the way of what you wanted. i am so sorry that the world has tricked us into believing that we are somehow seated higher individually seated at different levels based on ego. We should all be ashamed of ourselves. We have lost our way, and the will to find it again. There are still good people in the world though.

     These wonderful people have faith in mankind’s ability to step outside of the cruelty and hatred that flows so easily now that we can blame it on “human nature.” They look at the world and its limitless potential and wonder how we could have become so voluntarily blind and ignorant to their actions towards others. These people almost feel as if they missed their time and were born a hundred years too late. They feel like outcasts because of what they stand for. They are the people who change others without the intention of doing so just by being themselves and viewing life as it is rather than how everyone else tells them it is. This is for everybody who still believe in a set of morals or principles that reflect a time that has long since been buried and forgotten. This is for the people who truly understand that the world is a beautiful, and remarkable place, and that life is entirely too short to be wasted on hate and pride. To the people who can still hold a conversation without glancing at their phone.Thank you so much for everything you do, and I hope that you keep your head up. There are more truly good people in the world than you know and they are being heard. Even if this post only reaches a hand-full of people that still hold the potential to open someones eyes to a potentially more peaceful life and that is good enough for me.

     I may never change the world, but there is always the possibility that my words may change the person who does. I cannot think of a more meaningful sentiment for a writer than to be the light in the dark that someone else had lost hope in finding. I wrote this entire blog for them, and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your day to read my writing. I truly hope that something you find in my writing brings you peace and potential clarity. I truly hope that you understand that I care. Your writing and perspective of the world could change somebody’s life. Remember how you got where you are and remember the things that make you smile. Remember the things that still matter when you set your pride and ego aside. Remember that people care and there will always those of us who will listen. The world is not a cruel place, and life is not meant to be so unstable. Do not forget to see the beauty in your life and in the world around you and let the hope that people truly care die out. Do not forget to live. Do not forget that our time here is limited. Most importantly though; Do not forget to be a light in the dark for others so that they may find peace as well.


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