Just the Beginning

My name is Weston Webb and blogging was recommended to me by a very close friend of mine as a stress relief of sorts. I value the significance of words more than most and as a result I write often… I’m just not overly sure if anyone actually takes the time to read whatever it is that I have written; even fewer still attempt to understand the meaning behind the words on the “page.” I’ve come to find over the course of my life that the general conglomeration of people very rarely take the time to read past the “read more” icon before they decide that whatever it is that you have to say is infinitely less important than whatever they might be doing at the time… But all it takes is one. One person can change everything. I am writing this, and everything that is to come for that one person. That one individual who will read the words that I write and take the underlying meaning to heart. All it takes is one person’s acknowledgment to make the whole thing worthwhile. So rather than skimming through the first few lines of someones post and then shrugging it off as mindless word vomit, why not look further into the writing. If the writer thought that the words were important enough to immortalize in writing then perhaps you should see what it was that meant so much to this person that they had to share it with the world. Maybe it was meant for you. It’s a humorous concept, but clicking the “read more” truly could change your life.

I am an apprentice funeral director/embalmer from Oklahoma. I am twenty years old, and I have worked in the funeral industry since I was fifteen (I know, it’s odd.) I love my job, there is something deeply satisfying about helping people transition through what could be the hardest part of their lives with grace and confidence. It truly is an amazing feeling when the family members of the deceased walk up to you after a funeral and tell you that you could not possibly have done your job any better. I think that the most tantalizing aspect of the mortuary business is the respect that comes with the business itself. Respect is a dying commodity (respect for women even more-so) and it means very little to the world as a whole, but there are still those of us who care about the people we work with and for more than the money received at the end of the current pay period. Be thankful for the people in your life, and do not take them for granted. There is only one thing in life that we are promised and that is: We are all going to die. So take it from someone who has spent the majority of the last five years in the company of the deceased rather than the living; enjoy and cherish the people who are close to you because the world can be a very lonely place. especially to those who have forgotten to live for themselves and become slaves to their phones or job. Open your eyes people, contrary to popular belief it is still possible to be happy.


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